How Does Short Term Fasting Help in Losing Weight?

To lose weight quickly, you’ll be implementing short-term fasting. Now, this isn’t going to be some long drawn out fast where you’re starving all the time. Instead, you’ll be periodically going without food in a planned manner that will basically … [Continue reading]

Setting up a Wellness and Weight Loss Vision

Setting up a Wellness and Weight Loss Vision Every year like clockwork on January 1st millions of “resolutionaries” around the globe start a diet or join a gym to lose the excess weight that has snuck up on them. Usually their goals have something … [Continue reading]

Welcome to ModelMyDiet


Welcome to Modelmydiet. ModelMyDiet is is where I share with you my personal method i used in shedding my fat in a short period of time. So I welcome you, whether if you are sick of looking for a fat loss solution that actually works or want to … [Continue reading]